Live Online Classroom

HD online education that gives the impression that you are sitting at your school seat once more.

Pre-recorded Classes

Upload pre-recorded classes directly on Learnpod and make them available to students with a click.

Timetable Management

Integrate your school’s timetable and monitor class scheduling, substitutions, and group classes.

Why Need an Online Examination System App?

The market is rapidly changing our society is quickly evolving toward the prevalent use of mobile app technologies. Most of these changes are because of technical improvements, and these advancements can create new markets and new opportunities. This is a fresh idea of a business that intends to solve several concurrent problems in online data collection as a mobile App or Website.

zoom live class app

Push Notifications

In-Application Messaging

Payment Channels

Social Media

Schedule live classes

reviews and feedback

Track attendance

Manage community content

Cost of developing an online zoom class app

  • The price of developing an e-learning mobile app relies on a number of variables, including the tech stack you choose, the platform you want to use, the app's functionality, the team developing the app, the design of the e-learning mobile app, etc.
  • The cost of developing an online zoom class app will be considerably less than that of a sophisticated app because it won't cost you much money and will include all of the necessary functionality.

The design of the e-learning mobile app

  • Student Management Systems
  • Assessment Software
  • Virtual Classroom Software
  • Learning Management System
  • Online Tutoring Platform

Learning App Development Trends 2022

  • Mobile learning will make education more widely available.
  • Use of VR and augmented reality in eLearning to easily and practically learn complicated concepts.
  • Offering instruction based on each student's aptitude for learning and success through personalized learning.
  • ILT (instructor-led training) digitization for partially or entirely online learning.

eBook Learning App

  • included with multiple ebooks and learning materials. Learning materials are available in multiple languages.

Online Training Apps

  • This App included a lot of features, Basically, it is for online training and online classes.

Education Gaming App

  • An education gaming app is an app that included learning games, basically, this app is developed by artificial intelligence, ios, and android.

Learning App for Coaching Classes

  • We provide a learning app for coaching classes. It saves a lot of time for both teacher and student. Students are able to attend the class from their home.

Student Panel Features

  • Social Signup/Login
  • Browse through various subscription plans
  • Payment for courses and e-learning plan
  • Pick and view available subjects
  • Post questions and doubts
  • Search and filter through online tutors
  • Select teachers/tutors

Teacher Panel Features

  • Registration
  • Create and Manage a detailed profile
  • Manage account settings
  • Push Notifications for student interaction
  • Schedule live classes
  • View ratings and reviews
  • Sort and answer queries posted by students

Parents Panel Features

  • Track student performance
  • Track course progress
  • Consult with teachers via chat
  • Check assignments and test results
  • Manage subscription for courses
  • Push notifications by Teachers and Admins
  • Track attendance of students

Admin Panel Features

  • Manage teachers and students
  • Manage subjects and courses
  • Student information system management
  • Manage subscription plan prices
  • Manage community content
  • View reports for earnings and user engagement
  • View student leaderboard

Multiple languages support

  • As the choice of several languages enables users from various parts of the world to participate in the app, combining an e-learning app featuring various languages.

CRM Integration

  • The e-learning mobile app needs customer relationship management in order to build strong relationships with its users, who are students and learners. CMS plays a key role in the app.
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App Download

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Most Important App Features

Online Examination App Or Zoom App

Integration with LMS

This app is integrated with the learning management system which allows for proper learning content for the student where student can easily access the course like video, and pdf files in one place.

Notification of exam schedules

Students always get a quick notification when any exam is scheduled, with these features students and their parents always get notified when exams are scheduled and show results.

Call Transfer

This app is included call transfer features. You can easily transfer your call to anyone, and also add anyone with your call.

Instant result

The best thing about this app is you will get instant results for exams. This app included various management security and on-screen evaluating process.

Multi-language support

This is the most important feature of the app which are looked at by almost every institution, this app supports multiple languages and conduct the exam in multiple languages,s and has options to select questions in the preferred language.

Test-taking options

In this app you will get the most of new features like you can stop and restart your exam, can choose your comfortable test, you can check spelling, and have skipping options, included with next and previous options.

Easy approval process

This entire process is included an easy approval process. You can easily access your exam by registration and login.

Call Blocking

This security is very important for any call app or zoom app. This app is included these awesome features. You have full access to block any call or anyone.

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