Product Gallery

Without an appropriate product gallery that has at least a few images of the item, a product page is

Shopping cart

Any online store should have this feature, and mobile shopping applications are no exception.

Shipping options

You create a great user experience by offering many shipping alternatives and making it simple.

Have eCommerce Mobile App Features To Maximize Your Userbase?

Let's first discuss the fundamental elements that you'll need to construct for your leading e-commerce app before discussing the top features. Three panels—a customer panel, a vendor panel, and an admin panel—make up an eCommerce software dashboard. Each panel must allow for the following for your app to operate effectively:

Order Summary

Shopping cart


Membership options

Easy Payments

Shipping options

login & registration

product filtering and sorting

What are the best eCommerce app features?

  • Build fire estimates that 62% of phone users made an internet transaction in the past year during a period of six months.
  • This tells a lot about the field of digital devices and internet purchasing.
  • Instead of being used as a technology solution, mobile apps are increasingly being used as a lifestyle.
  • Additionally, people are fast abandoning physical and mortar establishments due to the emergence of e-commerce apps.
  • Users frequently turn to internet retailers for information about products, comments from other customers, and price comparisons.
  • As a result, an e-commerce application's features ought to be noticeable.

Cost of Shopping App Development

  • Mobile users have spent 52% more time in the past year using buying and selling apps to buy various goods. And this number will keep rising, according to the US m-commerce projection.
  • it's time to consider how to create a practical and trustworthy online shopping application. If you hire our highly qualified staff at NBT Solutions, you will pay a one-time fee between $5,000 and $20,000 and an hourly rate between $15 and $20.

Detailed product descriptions

  • A well-written description combines creative and informative writing to persuade the customer that the offered product is of high quality and a good fit for them.

Product gallery

  • Trust in the products is greatly increased by a product gallery. Additionally, it increases customer happiness and aids consumers in making wise buying decisions.

Flash discounts Options

  • Sales and discounts are extremely effective for all market segments, whether it's a local brand aimed at the upper income or a multinational brand targeting the elite.

Timely returns Options

  • You allay your clients' fears by providing simple returns. If you allow them to exchange or return the thing they ordered, They won't hesitate to use your online store mobile app for regular online buying.

Customer Features

  • One-Step Sign-in
  • Product Wishlist
  • Voice Search
  • Product Comparison Tool
  • GPS Tracker

Vendor Features

  • Registration/Login
  • Payment Analysis
  • Subscription Plan
  • Auto Adjustment of Inventory
  • Setup and Management of Multiple Stores

Admin Panel Features

  • Secured Login
  • User Management
  • Dashboard Management
  • Customer Management
  • Product Info Update
  • Promotion/Rewards

Payment Methods

  • An e-commerce app should allow a variety of payment options, such as card payments, net banking, and payments using mobile wallets. A POS (goal) device that enables traditional payment receipt with a swipe upon that POS system is another option for shops or Businesses that should incorporate apps with social media sharing features in order to take advantage of the traffic on social networking websites. As a result, a user will be able to browse among apps with only one click and share the app reductions on their social media profiles, which will offer excellent word-of-mouth advertising.
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Most Important App Features

Shopping App Development

Registration process

With the easy registration process, the user is able to register with the app to put some limited information.

Support multiple payment options

Users can pay with multiple options Some payment options are net banking, credit card, and debit card payments.

Push notifications

Customers are constantly reminded when a new product is launched or if a product is on sale thanks to pushing notifications.

Custom branding

A mobile commerce app needs to feature your unique branding logo and other colors that are representative of your company.

Social media integration

Integrating social media within your app will aid consumers in login, registration, and sharing of product information. This is another fantastic element of mobile commerce.

Great user experience

Users should regard your app's overall user experience to be distinctive and superior to that of other apps when they use it.

Rating and feedback

This rating option is typically available for public viewing, which is wonderful for your app. Positive ratings are viewed as a recommendation mechanism that will ultimately lead to more users.

Filters and search options

An e-commerce app has millions of products, so finding the correct one could take hours or even days. Users are assisted with filters, which save them valuable time and effort.

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