Awesome dashboard

The dashboard will provide rapid statistics and details about just the overall progress to the admin

Transaction Management

The platform administrator will just be able to monitor and control every transaction that occurs.


The business data will be available to the admin in the form of reviews.

Why Need a Payment App For Business and where can get one?

The development of mobile payment apps is becoming essential, as we increasingly use our smartphones to make payments for everything from modest items from the neighborhood grocery store to internet purchases. The top mobile app development company. Our mobile app designers are capable of copying other well-known mobile payment apps. They can create the greatest mobile wallet for your company, ensure that it functions well, and encourage end users to interact with it.

Payments App

Make payments to the app and the bank accounts

bill payments

virtual cards


Rewards and discounts

Analytics-based dashboards


Add Money

The Must-have Generic Features

  • Data Synchronisation
  • QR Code Integration
  • Calendars
  • In-app Camera feature
  • Push Notifications feature

Cost of Developing a Peer-to-Peer Payment App

  • The price of employing specialized mobile app developers has a significant impact on the cost of establishing a mobile payment app. The cost of creating a P2P payment platform is high, and creating the best P2P app takes a lot of expertise and experience.
  • A P2P payment app can be developed for anywhere between $20,000 to over $140,000, depending on the functionality it will have. The size of the team, the location of the developers, and their number all affect how much a project will cost.

Data Synchronisation

  • The program may synchronize the user's data with their registered social networks and cell numbers thanks to this feature. As a result, we can provide precision and high levels of security.


  • The dates in the calendar can be easily highlighted by the user. The reminder alert setting on the calendar also enables receiving reminder notifications for payments in place of other events.

QR Code Integration

  • The user can easily make payments using the QR code feature in a very efficient and speedy manner. It is now much simpler to create unique QR codes.

In-app Camera feature

  • When it comes to scanning the QR code, an in-app cam is a fantastic feature. This makes it possible to confirm within an app, frequently validating all fund transfer requests.

Accounting support

  • Sync your accounting ledger and your Stripe data automatically. Alternatively, utilize Stripe to export data on payments, refunds, and charges. There are also integrations for tax reporting.

Payout management

  • Receive payment conveniently and swiftly. From the Dashboard, you can also control recent and prospective deposits and view estimated payout dates.
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Most Important App Features

Features of Payment App

Easy to understand and Interactive UI

A crucial component of any business strategy to draw users to an application is the user interface.

Registration Feature

The user will be able to register for the application using this feature. A phone call or email might be used to register the user.

Integration Bank Account

The user's authorized bank account and the mobile wallet account can quickly be integrated.

Wallet Topup/ Add Money

By using the relevant connected bank, the user can add cash to their wallet.

Send Money

The user will have a variety of options for transferring the funds. Some precise information about the recipient will be required for this transfer amount activity.

Receive Payment

Users connected to the application have the option of paying a user.

Pay Bills

With the help of this highly functional software, the user will be able to pay a variety of bills. The app will indeed be able to retrieve the bill information linked to a particular number.

Invoice and Receipts

A receipt or even an invoice should be generated after every transaction and sent to the user's registered contact.

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