Order History

Customers can check their previously purchased items with the aid of this function.

Payment Gateway

Options for making payments include using debit or credit cards and PayPal.

Schedule Orders

allow users to schedule orders in advance, with products arriving when the order is placed?

What Is Grocery App? Which Things Should know before getting a Grocery App?

The more you learn about these applications, the more prepared you will be to enter this industry and roll out your grocery app. But let's look at how these apps are made and what are the fundamental elements you are including in grocery apps before you launch your online delivery business. There are primarily 3 sorts of grocery online delivery applications for the platform, which is the first factor you need to learn about grocery mobile apps. A store (vendor side) application, the fourth type of app, is required if you are constructing a multi-vendor platform.

Signup and Login

Search groceries

Add to cart option

Schedule Orders

Payment gateway

Order History

order tracking

Reviews and rating option

Multi-Vendor Grocery App Features

  • The customer-side app
  • The admin panel
  • The delivery person side app
  • The grocery store side app

User Panel Features

  • User Profile
  • Browse Products
  • Search Products
  • Make With list
  • Schedule Delivery
  • Order Tracking
  • Order History

Super Admin Features

  • Manage Customers
  • Manage Shoppers
  • Manage Stores
  • Category Management
  • Order Management
  • Featured Product
  • Marketing Tools

The delivery person side app

  • This is the third type of grocery delivery app that delivery personnel will utilize.

The grocery store side app

  • This is the fourth type of grocery delivery app that is used by store shops.
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Most Important App Features

Grocery App Development Service

Profile Creation and Editing

The user will be able to enter the necessary information into the app and personalize the profile as needed thanks to a registration and profile creation tool. Users will be able to change their information and adjust preferences and settings using the edit profile feature.

Signup and login

The development of user-profiles and registration go hand in hand. For the sake of clarity, we have listed these as independent features.

Search Groceries

Once logged in, a user can search for groceries or even neighboring grocery stores after logging into the app.

Add To Cart Option

To allow users to choose all of their things from whatever location they like, put them in a cart, and then place their order all at once, a cart feature is offered.

Checking Local Grocery Stores

Once the customer has located a nearby grocery store, the user will want to review the vendor's profile to confirm that they are placing their order from the appropriate location.

Schedule Orders

Wouldn't it be fantastic if users could arrange orders in advance and have the goods delivered when the order is placed?

Payment Gateway

A significant component is an online payment. You can link your grocery app with many payment alternatives, such as payment through credit cards, payment through debit cards, PayPal or Stripe, or even a cash delivery option, to make it simple for the customer to pay online.

Order History

Customers can check their recently purchased items with the aid of this function. They won't need to look for and select the same retailer again because they can make the very same buy from the very same seller this way.

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