Easy Tracking Method

The e-management app helps you to organize event, and it manage your budget.

Home Page

It’s like a project management tool but in this we have included event management features.

Personal Profile dashboard

This app will help you to collaborate and communicate with your targeted audience like vendors.

What Is an Event Management App and why It is Used For?

Event management software is a wide range of software that is used for organizing any event for professionals and organizations, in conferences, exhibitions, and any small professional events. The event management app is the best platform where you can manage your event and schedule it in one place.

event management app

Registration Analytics

manage distributed audiences

Local support

Secure event ticketing

Reports & analytics

Product showcasing

Ticket Types

Email Marketing

Why Choose Us for Event Booking apps

  • Anything Infotech team understanding of current mobile technologies and application development trends
  • a seasoned team of expert Android, iPhone, and cross-platform developers capable of building diverse apps and a deep understanding of the operational processes and challenges involved in an event
  • management of a seasoned team of expert Android, iPhone, and cross-platform developers capable of building diverse apps

Workflow of Event Ticket Booking App

  • On their smartphone, users download the events booking app.
  • They can select the event those who are interest in and reserve their preferred seat on this page.
  • They can pay to buy the tickets once the seats have been reserved.
  • The tickets can now be downloaded by email or an app.
  • Some apps will additionally text the users' registered phone numbers to confirm their tickets.

Features of On- Demand event booking mobile app

  • Event booking apps have the ability to manage all audiences on one platform.
  • It must be available to local support with the hardware for events.
  • Should be white-label of branding.
  • Should be an easy registration method and check-in method

Features of On-Demand event booking mobile app

  • Should be secure privacy for ticketing
  • Should be included with the analytics reports.
  • Available with the attendance sheet
  • Included with the product showcasing app and should be customizable.

User Panel Features

  • Registration & Log-in
  • Location
  • Filters
  • Show Listings
  • Show Detail
  • Ticket Booking
  • Booking history

Admin Panel Features

  • Booking Engines
  • Booking Confirmation
  • Home Screen
  • Event Map
  • WhatsApp Booking feature
  • In-app Chat Support
  • Bar Code Scanner
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Most Important App Features

Event Management Booking App

Select Language

This application included multiple languages, you can select your own language according to your choice.

Select Login/Registration

This application included with the easy registration and login method

Facebook, Google Integration

In this application, we have included Facebook and google integration methods where you have the option to select the login method with google or facebook.

Map View

This application is included with the map where you can select your interest according to your location and area, and this map shows all the details of where the event is organized.

Tickets Details Page

On this page, you have multiple tickets options and prices you can select and book your tickets according to your budgets.

Profile Page

This profile, the page shows the profile of users and their histories like total event participation, total ticket booking, and all.

Help (Chat, Support, Call)

In this app, you will get all types of support from the event manager like calls, chat support, and email you can contact every time.

Event List page (Upcoming / Completed)

In this, you will know all the upcoming events and completed events with the time, date, and location.

App Screenshots

Event Management App

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