Similar to paying for a cab, there are cash and online payment methods.


Customers can provide feedback by giving the entire ride experience a rating.

Ride & Safety

Helmets might be supplied upon request or in accordance with corporate policy.

Benefits of Bike and taxi Booking app

The majority of bike taxi services and apps are available in nations with dense populations and congested highways. In comparison to a cab, bikes are faster and better at avoiding traffic. Due to several obvious factors, renting a bike is substantially less expensive than calling a cab. Even while carpooling and shuttle services powered by apps have made travel more reasonable, using a bike taxi might still be less expensive.

Bike Taxi Booking App

Booking history

Payments Options

Auto-generated bill

advance bookings

cab options

feedback to drivers

Push Notifications

vehicle tracking

The market scenario of Bike and Taxi booking App

  • The ride-hailing and ride-sharing service types make up the market segments for online taxi services that are addressed in this report. A ride-sharing arrangement or situation is when two or more persons, usually commuters, share a ride in a motor vehicle. Motorcycles and cars are among the various sorts of vehicles, and there are many different ways to pay for them, including cash and online. There are various different sorts of rides, including shared and carpooling.
  • At an annual compounded growth rate (Cag) of 12.2 percent, the market for online taxi services is anticipated to increase in size from $31.03 billion by 2020 to $34.82 billion in 2022. At a CAGR of 11.3 percent, the market for online taxi services is therefore anticipated to increase to $53.48 billion in 2026.

Cost to develop a Bike Taxi Booking app

  • By introducing a new kind of online cabs and bike taxi booking, many big cities are quietly transforming with the use of cutting-edge technologies. Companies are utilizing cutting-edge technology to offer people their services through mobile apps that include online cab booking capabilities.
  • Every time a customer books a trip, the businesses manage that customer by attaching them to mobile app networks. The industry for booking bike taxis in India saw a significant upheaval because of well-known apps like Rapido.

Live Tracking

  • According to the client, we may customize our app's logo and colors. Throughout the Ride, the app keeps track of the Driver's whereabouts. The feature to track every Driver on the map has been provided by the admin. As a result, cyclists can share the Trip with their loved ones, who can then locate them on a map.

Vehicle Categories

  • We built the platform incredibly adaptable so that you may manage the categories in real-time from the admin panel. From the admin panel, you can control additional settings and create new categories, amend existing ones, remove them, adjust their prices, and more. There are many categories that are available.

Chat features are available

  • With the use of the app's built-in socket-based chat capability, Rider and Driver may communicate with one another more quickly and easily. This is the most feature of the app.


  • Riders can reserve longer-distance journeys using outstation features. Additionally, riders can reserve rides for the n-day period according to their needs.

Passenger App Features

  • Login / Registration
  • Create Profile
  • Live Tracking
  • Vehicle Details
  • Ride History
  • Real-Time Tracking of Driver
  • Live Tracking

Driver App Features

  • Login/Registration
  • Document Uploading
  • Document Verification
  • Ride Requests
  • Google Navigation
  • Driver’s Availability
  • Accept/Reject Ride

Admin Panel Features

  • Users Manager
  • Trips/Rides Manager
  • Transactions Manager
  • Drivers Manager
  • Reports

Additional Features

  • Chat Module
  • Single Mode
  • Refer and Earn
  • Ride Tracking for Guardians
  • Multi-city Management
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App Download

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Free Download

20 +

Best Award

68 %

Return Customer

Most Important App Features

Features Of Bike and Taxi Booking App


In our app, we provided many language options. It will assist in addressing the rider's communication issues.

Multi- Payment

Credit/debit payments, in-app wallets, and other widely used payment mechanisms are all linked with us.

Smart Management System

A smart fare control system is one that automatically calculates fare based on all relevant factors, including time, distance, fare, taxes, and tolls.

Change App Logo & Color

In our app, we may customize the logo and colors based on the needs of the client.

Support Multi Currency

For your customer's convenience, we integrate a variety of local currency integration tools.

Real-Time Tracking of Driver

The passenger can find out the driver's current location, expected time of arrival, and other information.

Referrals And Rewards

Allowing users and drivers to invite their friends will aid in growing your user and driving bases. The referee will benefit if any reference signs up.

Ride Now or Later

Riders can now reserve a cab ride. Or use the "ride later" button on the calendar to arrange rides for a later time and date.

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