How to write a software or Mobile application feature list?

This task is very simple same as we analyze and writes all the available feature at the time we planned to purchase a car, laptop, or a bike.

Write down the core functions in a list.

For Example – If we want to write the core functions of a car then we will write the below feature.

Use the provided template and tick mark every core function you need in your software.

  • Four tires:

    • Simple Horn or pressure horn.
    • Aloe wheels.
    • AC - non AC
    • Four sitters or eight sitters etc.

These may be the common core feature or functions of any car.

  • Login /Registration/Social Media Login/OTP Login:

    • Profile Management
    • Rate and Review
    • Filters & Sorting
    • Discount Coupon System
    • Chat
    • Favorites
    • Referral
    • Help and Support/ Raise Issue
    • Custom auto-generated mail system.
    • Payment Gateways
    • My Wallet System
    • Point System
    • Settings
    • Notifications FCM
    • Reminders
    • Google Or Facebook Analytics Integration
    • Content Encryption
    • Language converter
    • Local database storage
    • Now explain each point in deep or just tick mark the available options from the list
    • Login /Registration/Social Media Login/OTP Login
    • The user can sign up using Facebook, Google, Email, and phone number.
    • Sign up using facebook Only
    • Sign up using Google Only.
    • Sign up using Email Only with OTP.
    • Sign up using phone Numbers only with OTP.
    • Sign up using Email Only without OTP.
    • Sign up using a phone number only without OTP.
    • For login via phone, the user would get an OTP.
    • Multi-User type Registration/Login.
    • Forget Password.
    • Multi-level authentication check (OTP, Email code, Robot check)
    • Profile Management
    • The user can edit the name, and phone number (re-OTP verification, email)
    • The user can edit the payment method
    • The user can logout from the profile
    • The user can ADD/DELETE Multiple addresses
    • Edit address
    • Rate and Review
    • The user can mark ratings in starts from 5 to 1.
    • Users can write reviews.
    • Users can select the review content from the pre-written list.
    • Users can mark like or dislike only.
    • Users can attach an image to the review.
    • Filters & Sorting
    • Date
    • Price
    • Low to High
    • High to Low
    • Color
    • Size
    • Ascending - Descending
    • Population
    • Star Rating
    • Near me
    • Category
    • Seek Bar
  • Discount Coupon System -:


The user can put discount coupons while making the order to avail of a discount if the coupon is valid the cost would get deducted from the final price. The discount coupons would be generated by the admin.

  • Users can select a coupon from the list available in the software:
  • Used coupons should show in a different color.
  • Users can copy and paste coupons from outside the software.
  • The discount should be in percentage.
  • The discount should be in the exact amount.
  • Chat
  • Type of chat using FCM
  • Text Chat
  • Voice Chat
  • Video Chat (Only with a third party like Trilo )
  • File Share
  • Email Chat
  • Current Location Share
  • Image share
  • Video Share
  • Third-Party Chat system (E.G. Trillo)

The user can click on any profile and initiate a chat. There would be a separate chat wind

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